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BOX Packaging

Standard Accessories Supplied With Product

'SPRINTER' Table Top Small Round Tandoor Oven

'SPRINTER' Table Top Small Round Tandoor Oven

Known as the 'BARBEQUE TANDOOR' Worldwide this little wonder gives you true Authentic Tand..

'Performer' Table Top Small Square Tandoor Oven

'Performer' Table Top Small Square Tandoor Oven

If you can BARBEQUE you can do TANDOORI better and faster- Specially designed to cater to ..


The Wonderful Packing box. 
Not only keeps the tandoor safe during transportation but is used for years storing personal items. 
The product cannot be purchased on its own. 
It comes free of charge with Performer GT 400 BBS and Sprinter GT 380 BBR
Outer Size of Box
for BBR Model - 18x18x24 Inches
for BBS Model - 19x19x25 Inches

(boxes are handmade so a variation in size is possible) 


We designed a packing box that you would not want to throw away as one would with other items that come packed in boxes that cannot be reused. 

1.    Keeps your tandoor safe in transportation.
2.    Is water resistant
3.    Is green since it uses most materials that are recycled
4.    So strong that most users write and thank us for the box as you can just store so much in it when you take the tandoor out.
5.    No more metal cutting straps as it comes with special polymer locking straps that are very strong when locked but can be cut for easy opening.
6.    No wood so you do not need pliers and tools to open the packing, just cut the strap and lift the packing lid.
7.    You shall have to see it to believe the strength of the box and its uses are limited to your imagination of storage.

Due to continuous improvement the size and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

A few examples on the box appreciation are as follows….
I was very excited when the box arrived, it had the product intact, we were expecting a wooden box with heavy handling so I told my wife to call me when the package comes but the call never came…when I called her she told me that the tandoor is a beauty, I was surprised and asked how did she open the heavy wooden crate on her own, to this she told me that it came in a beautiful recyclable corrugated box.
When I came home for the weekend where we had already planned a tandoori cooking session I was delighted to see the tandoor and when I saw the box I was surprised. I actually sat on the empty box very comfortably and it did not move a bit. For a few weekends the box acted as a table for our cooking but one day when I wanted to store my heavy tools in the basement this box was a one point solution. Though it solved my purpose but the only problem is that she wants it as a table and I need it for tools, it’s been more than 2 years that the tandoor and the box is serving us. Thanks to Golden Tandoors.
Patrick & Valarie Beuf ( Nice, France)
I ordered 4 Golden Barbeque Tandoors for myself and my family for Christmas. The tandoori are just lovely, my 13 year old loves cooking corn carn in it… The box is also being used, I pack the tandoori every time we travel in the same box. It has lasted till now...
Katie Dodding (WA AUSTRALIA)
Hello Golden Tandoors – I have this BBQ Tandoori Oven for the last 8 months, I use it every week, just love the way it cooks chicken. I saved the box, have it as a storage for my skewers, grills, charcoal and so much more. It rests in one corner of the patio with so much on it but has never buckled even though it is made from cardboard.
J.R.Watson (Ohio USA)
Tandoor is doing good, just did a leg of lamb last weekend. Need more practice on it, tandoori tikka is perfect now. Believe it or not, I am using the tandoor box as a table with an acrylic top.
Holmes (Reykjavik Iceland)