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  • Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Skewer Set (Medium Length)

Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Skewer Set (Medium Length)

  • Brand: Golden Tandoors
  • Product Code: Wooden Handle Medium Skewer Set 10 Pcs
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  • $139.00


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A 10 Pc Stainless Steel Skewer Set with Wooden Handles especially hand crafted for the domestic home user.
No more holding of high heat metal skewers - the wooden handle gives grip and is easy to use.
The set contains thin skewers for vegetables, fish & seafood whereas the thick ones are used for Meat, Chicken and large chunks.
A spatula shaped skewer for removal of bread along with a hook shaped skewer to poke and pick the bread is with the set.
Easy to clean and maintain these stainless steel wooden handle skewers are a must have for the home user.

        Made from Stainless Steel

        One Skewer Set Contains
  • 4 No’s Slim Skewers of 6mm Thickness
  • 4 No’s Thick Skewers of 8mm Thickness
  • 1 No's Scalper Skewer for Naan Breads
  • 1 No's Hook Skewer for Naan Breads
   Length of each skewer is 35” Approximately so good for GT-80 SS Round Model, GT-525 Square Model and GT-4000 Gas Model.

  • Skewers are made by hand and so variation in size, shape and thickness is possible.
  • Skewers become HOT while cooking food in Tandoor Oven.
  • Carefully place food items on skewers.
  • View our Tandoori Cooking section for History and use of Skewers.

Skewers have pointed ends, keep away from children and handle the skewers carefully as they get really hot and can harm if not used safely.
Due to continuous improvement the size and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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