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  • Ceramic Heat Balls (Tandoori Clay Lava Rocks)

Ceramic Heat Balls (Tandoori Clay Lava Rocks)

  • Brand: Golden Tandoors
  • Product Code: Ceramic Heat Balls
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As the name suggests these heat balls assist in distributing heat from the gas burner to the tandoor for optimum cooking. Also commonly known as Burner Plate Stone or Burner Plate Balls or Tandoori Clay Lava Rocks

Unlike the lava stone these balls are especially manufactured for Tandoori Ovens and Similar Appliances with deep pot heat emission


They absorb heat and due to the shape and the material composition distribute it in radiant manner for the skewers and the side walls of the tandoor.

    • 10 lbs weight balls packed in the box
    • Each box good for home tandoor use, for commercial tandoors at least 2 box required.
    • Ready to use
    • Made from Ceramic Clay Special Formulation to take very high heat and retain it
    • Retains heat for very long
    • Shape - Balls (uneven size for placement of skewers)
    • Check Diagram for representation of working
    • Specially manufactured for Tandoori Ovens and similar deep pot appliances to emit heat on all sides
    • Very large surface area unlike Lava Stones
    • This large surface distributes heat on all sides evenly
    • Retains heat longer thus saving you on fuel
    • Distributes heat in the most correct manner as required by the oven
    • Uneven round size balls ensure that when you place skewers they set in instead of resting on the ball
    • When using Lava Stones you need to place the skewers in the right manner ensuring that the lava stone is not poked. When using heat balls this problem is solved automatically due to the shape, the round irregular size balls shift a little making way for the skewer
    • Very long life
    • Better food quality even when you are a novice

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