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X Large Tandoor Square NSF/ANSI-4 Sanitation Certified GT-5000

  • $1,449.00


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$ 200

Standard Accessories Supplied With Product

Skewer Set 12 pcs STAINLESS STEEL

Skewer Set 12 pcs STAINLESS STEEL

 Made fromStainless SteelOne SkewerSet Contains. ยท       5No..

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual Tandoor Oven Supplied in Print with each tandoor oven...

Naan Gaddi (Pad)

Naan Gaddi (Pad)

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Mouth Cover with Wooden Handle

Mouth Cover with Wooden Handle

Tandoor Mouth Cover - the perfect way to control food cooking & tandoor heating time.....Stainle..


Model GT-5000 NSF/ANSI-4/ETL Certified Tandoor  is unique in itself as it serves dual purpose, it has a capacity to serve upto 50+* people in the most fuel efficient manner.

Large parties at home, small restaurants, takeaway's, caterers use this size and type for

Ceramic Double Insulation Sandwiched between the Stainless Steel Exterior and the mild steel interior further ensures less heat emitted on the outside thus saving you on fuel consumption and resulting in better & faster cooked food

Golden GT-5000 is perfect for cooking authentic Indian tandoori food and gives a special taste to your catering and parties.

  • Ready to use.
  • No need for any installation
  • Designed for Minimum Heat Loss
  • Economical & Fuel Saver
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Long Lasting specially build reinforced  clay
  • Caters upto 50+ people in one session depending upon your tandoori cooking expertise
  • Easy installation of Gas Burners
  • Heavy Duty wheels for easy Placement & Mobility.
  • The rapidity of baking and cooking by radiant, conductive and convective heat transfer ensures the sealing in of the flavors and juices of the edible products.
  • Oil and fat free cooking of other edibles in a practical and energy efficient manner.
  • Portable- you can place it at different locations in your backyard or Patio as per your mood.
  • No Maintenance required- after a delightful round of tandoori cooking, when the tandoor cools down, just clean the ash from inside the oven and wipe the outer stainless steel with a cloth, your tandoor is ready for the next cooking session.
  • Side door made for air control and removal of ash
  • The unique Air Ventilator fixed on the top corner of the tandoor allows it to breathe for its optimum performance


Due to continuous improvement the size and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Clay pots are hand made thus variation in size is possible.


Product Weight 340 lbs Approx
Chassis Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 24 inch width x 27 inch depth x 34 inch height x 12 inch Mouth Hole
Use Outdoor Only
Mobility Heavy Duty Wheels with Front Brakes
Cover Stainless Steel with Wooden Handle
Body Double Insulated (Ceramic Insulation) Stainless Steel NSF/ANSI-4 SANITATION CERTIFIED
Handles Front Lifting Handle with Towel Bar and Back Stainless Steel Handle
Clay Specially formulated and hand made by Artisans
Packaging Wooden Crate
Shipping Weight 400 Lbs Approx
Top Stainless Steel with Breather