History of Clay Pot Tandoors

The heart of Indian barbecue is the tandoor, a handsome, barrel-shaped oven of fine clay – traditionally bound with grain husks and animal hair – that recalls the vessel in which Ali Baba hid out from those persistent 40 thieves.


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What is tandoori cooking

Tandoori cooking is one of the most tempting ways to barbeque. Indian Tandoor Barbeque is an easy way to start your journey into Indian Tandoori Cooking. For those who have already ventured there, you will bring a new twist to your back yard barbeques.


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What can I cook in a tandoor

Tandoori is a cooking method by which food is cooked in a clay oven over charcoal. It is named after the oven it was traditionally cooked in, which is called a Tandoor. Meat is marinated in yogurt and spices, while breads like naan and roti are often pressed against the side walls of the tandoor.


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Square Tandoor Model Vs Round Tandoor Model

The round tandoor models are single insulated but are easier to carry since they are lighter in weight (in comparison to the square tandoor). For people who need to keep it stationery the square tandoor or the round tandoor does not make a difference


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Tandoori Cooking Tips

Put raw onion cut to a large piece or whole if it is a small piece or raw potato at the end of each skewer after you have loaded your meat or vegetables. This will help in stopping the food from sliding and will also assist in taking direct heat from charcoal thus preventing your food to be overcooked at the bottom.


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All About Tandoori Oven Skewers

The GT skewers are an essential part of the tandoori oven and should not be considered as an accessory as very few people have realized the importance of the same. It is a tool without which the skewered tandoori food would not exist. Here is all about tandoori skewers that you would want to know.


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Maintaining and Cleaning Tandoori Skewers

It is very important to clean & maintain the hygiene of the skewers every time you cook, cleaning them after every use to be prepared for the next is better than preparing them fresh when you intend to use them.


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Making Tandoori Naan Bread Gaddi

All you need to do is take pure cotton cloth and fold it like you stack a towel. Once folded tie it both ways using cotton strip so that it stays the way. I know it’s not going to be round but will work so do not worry


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Tandoori Advisor – What tandoor size do you require

Whether you are New to tandoori Cooking or an Expert – the below detailed chart shall help you decide and check ‘What is the most optimum tandoori oven size for my requirement’

Tandoori Cooking is a very fast mode of cooking – rather faster than microware cooking Vis a Vis size of portions.


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Gas Safety Certifications Home Tandoori Oven

US and Canadian authorities require a CSA/ETL Certification as per the gas code for all Gas Appliances running in Homes and in the Restaurant or Catering Business.




Tandoor Oven as a smoker

The tandoor should be given the designation of the most natural smoker cooker since one does not require any wooden chips with water etc to create smoke – the juices dripping from the food being cooked create the smoke making it the ultimate smoker cooker.



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Building a back yard tandoori oven

How to build a tandoor

So many similar questions and so many answers the Internet provides but unfortunately most tandoori making projects don’t succeed as the builder wants to have the same taste (or better) that he tried in a Good Indian Restaurant.



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