Certification required by US and CANADA

Gas Safety Certification Home Tandoori Oven

Gas Safety Certifications Home Tandoori Oven

US and Canadian authorities require a CSA/ETL Certification as per the gas code for all Gas Appliances running in Homes and in the Restaurant or Catering Business.

Our GT-4000 is the world’s only Gas Certified Tandoori oven designed to be used Outdoors and Indoors (*Under Hood) running on BBQ Gas (Propane Cylinders) or Line Gas (Natural Gas Line).

This particular Tandoori oven offers safety under ANS Z21.1-2010 & CAN1-1.1-M81 Gas Code.

It is mandatory to have these listings on a the appliance (gas tandoor) when using it @ home.

Check local laws/gas code before purchasing a Tandoori Oven running on Gas. Cheaper non certified products pose the risk to your life and property as they are not listed thus do not have any safety devices and neither are calibrated to reduce harmful gas emissions like Carbon Monoxide.

Certification process not only gives you safety but a good product too since each unit is listed and marked before dispatch ensuring a Quality Check.

Our commercial gas models are Sanitation Listed and Gas Safety Listed under NSF/ANSI-4/ETL as per CSA and NSF Standards.

Ensure exhaust hood requirements as per local state/city laws when installing indoors. The tandoori oven is available in Natural Gas (line gas) and LPG (Barbecue Tank Gas)



certfication_gas-safety Sanitation & Gas Safety Certification Tandoori Oven