Our commitment to safety

Golden Tandoors are constructed with the utmost care and precision and designs comply with national safety standards. However, personal safety begins with good fire management.

The temperatures of surfaces in and around a fire can become extremely hot during operation. It is essential to monitor traffic around a Tandoor Oven to prevent burns and to protect the overall safety of your home and loved ones.

Tips for safe operation

Our products provide joy with careful responsibility, our tandoor ovens offer safe, effective ways to entertain. Use these helpful tips to ensure your warmth and safety.

Always read and follow the instructions for the safe use and maintenance of your Tandoor Oven.

Surfaces on Tandoors get EXTREMELY HOT!

The top mouth lid of the tandoor oven gets EXTREMELY HIGH temperatures and can cause severe burns if touched without using gloves

Tandoor Surfaces can stay very hot for long periods of time after operation has ended. Be aware that surfaces may stay warm, even if the product is not operating.

Never leave young children or pets alone when operating Tandoor Ovens.

Educate your family about fire safety before you begin operating a Tandoor Oven

Remember, safety is a responsibility with any fire-associated product. Consult your Tandoor dealer for more information and read and understand the information in the Installation and Operation Manual that accompanies each Golden Tandoor. Refer to these tips regularly and review with those in your home to assure careful operation and long-lasting comfort.