Courtesy, Planning and Hard Work : Mr. Usman Suleman

Tandoor Pot supplied by : by GOLDEN TANDOORS

Execution : Patrick Worrel

Site: NJ USA

The clay tandoor was bought online from  I am grateful to Rajiv Saheb of Golden Tandoors for his guidance and advice through this project. We engaged Patrick Worrell (845 891 8309) to put it together for us.

backyard tandoori
Laying the pit for the backyard tandoori build

The concrete slab is laid. Existing sprinkler lines are re-routed. Blocks and bricks are being placed with rebar’s to add strength.

Backyard tandoori brick enclosure
Laying the tandoori clay pot in a brick and mortar enclosure

The tandoori is in place above a layer of fire bricks. Rajiv Saheb advised us to cut an opening in the bottom of the tandoori.

backyard garden tandoori layout
Backyard garden tandoori
backyard tandoori brick layout
backyard tandoori final standout brick shape is now visible

The brick enclosure is complete. Holes are drilled to accommodate pyrometer probe through metal tubes. Electrical wires brought in prep for lighting


A bluestone slab is being carted in. The plywood sheet was used as a template to cut a hole for the tandoor mouth.

6 x 2 cu ft bags of perlite were poured between the clay pot and the brick wall before the slab was put in place. This will keep the brick wall cool to touch when the tandoor is fired. Almost there!

First full scale firing. A sliding door at the bottom regulates air flow to the tandoor.

With covers in place and air vent regulated, the temperature shoots up to more than 1200 F

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