How to Build a Tandoori Oven,

How to Create a Tandoor Oven, How can I make a Tandoor Oven???

So many similar questions and so many answers the Internet provides but unfortunately most tandoori making projects don’t succeed as the builder wants to have the same taste (or better) that he tried in a Good Indian Restaurant.

The main 2 things that are the most important in making a good tandoori oven are the

  1. The Pot
  2. Insulation
  3. Enclosure

The Pot – Using any pot or an inverted planter might give you similar looks but for the right cooking you need the right material of the clay pot and the shape. Both of these play a very vital role in the end result of the Breads. Clay pots for self doing are available on click this particular link 


The Insulation – Whatever you use the main aim is to hold the heat inside but do remember that clay expands and contracts so the right insulation and the way you will fill it is very important. If the clay pot will lose heat quickly then the food will not be well cooked plus the life of the clay pot will be reduced.

The Enclosure – A clay pot is no good unless it is in an enclosure. This prevents the holding of continuous expansion and contraction of the clay, holding of insulation thus holding heat inside and making it safe to use. You may use Metal, Mortar, Brickwork etc keeping in mind that it would still get hot on the outside so do it in a place where there are no combustible materials around.

Note: A Clay Pot is a fragile product that needs care and caution during installation. If you have no experience is doing something like this then we advise you not to build it on your own since it shall be more expensive if you break the pot during installation. We have a whole range of products available that are ready to use and you can select the same to suit your need.


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We manufacture 2 models specifically to suit the people who don’t want shiny stainless steel tandoor ovens and want something to suit the ambience & style they desire.

Satisfy your desire to build it and achieve what you always had in mind. Keep it where you would love to show it instead of hiding it…..

We shall supply you the single color painted product – you could use the same as it came to you or design as per your requirement.

So get a tandoor oven and paint it on your own to get the best results. A few examples as done by home owners and caterers are shown below.

how to build a tandoori oven

The above model (single color painted) supplied is

how to build a tandoori oven

The above model (single color painted) supplied is

More Examples (not limited to your creativity). Just ensure that the tandoor oven will get hot on the outside so use heat resistant paints. As informed by an artist you did it that he first used a very high heat base coat followed by heat resistant colors.

how to build a tandoori oven

Our expertise is in manufacturing tandoor ovens so we can only guide on the paint job. Consult paint experts for getting it right the right way…..