Square Tandoor Model Vs Round Tandoor Model @ Home Tandoor – Differences…..

Round Home Tandoor Square Home Tandoora



Most buyers when visiting the site and selecting the models question – Which one to buy – the round or the square tandoor?


To make it easier for everyone to understand the differences are explained. The differences, benefits are limited to GOLDEN TANDOOR’s Ovens only.


  1. In almost all model sizes differentiated by the number of users the pot size is common with maybe a little change in height in one of the series. i.e. the cooking capacity  of the tandoor oven remains the same.


  1. The major aspect of choice is the looks (aesthetics) and this is very individual so if you like round tandoor then buy round and vice versa for the square tandoor.


  1. All square tandoor models are DOUBLE BODY with DOUBLE INSULATION (Ceramic). i.e. they have 2 chassis – one on the outside (Stainless Steel) and another  Steel Body on the inside covering the pot. In between the 2 bodies is the Ceramic Insulation acting as a sandwich. – The insulation apart from the Ceramic is also there between the pot and the steel enclosure so its Double Insulated and Double Body Design Tandoor.


  • Heats more on the inside than on the Outside
  • Saves Fuel 
  • Cooks Faster 
  • Easier to handle since cooler on the outside
  •  Lasts longer due to the heat emitting out is low
  •  The square shape helps in giving you more space on the top to keep tools when working.


  1. The round tandoor models are single insulated but are easier to carry since they are lighter in weight (in comparison to the square tandoor). For people who need to keep it stationery the square tandoor or the round tandoor does not make a difference in a few pounds but for caterers or party doers who need to shift the tandoori oven on an everyday basis the round is a viable option.


  1. Square tandoors come with a 16 Gauge Heavy Stainless Steel Top whereas the same is optional in some of the round tandoor models (not all).


  1. The top of all models be it round tandoor or square tandoor that have the stainless steel top converges into the clay pot mouth thus the life of the rim of the clay pot lasts longer and is also saved with the use of skewers not hitting the clay rim and resting on the stainless steel converged rim.


  1. The difference in price – due to the features the price varies a bit for the round tandoor v/s the square tandoor models.


The above differences, benefits are suggestive to each model be it round tandoori or square tandoori. Basic vertical cooking concept of the tandoor oven is based on the pot and not on the outer body of the tandoori oven.