Tandoori Advisor – What tandoori oven size do you require?

Tandoori Oven Sizes
Tandoori Oven Sizes
Various Sizes of Tandoori Pots
Various Sizes of Tandoori Pots

Need Suggestion to help you decide which tandoori oven is perfect for you?

Whether you are New to tandoori Cooking or an Expert – the below detailed chart shall help you decide and check ‘What is the most optimum tandoori oven size for my requirement’

Tandoori Cooking is a very fast mode of cooking – rather faster than microware cooking Vis a Vis size of portions.

When buying a tandoori it can be classified in different categories for most common requirements.

  1. Number of people to cater &
  2. Purpose
  3. Home Cooking
  4. Party
  5. Catering
  6. Professional

On this site we have classified the tandoori ovens as per number of people to cater to considering the average home user to be a first time user of tandoori cooking.

so if a category states that it is for 1 to 15 people it is in general experience that a home user after a few sessions of practice would be able to enjoy tandoori cooking serving to about 15 people maximum in a given time frame.  If the same tandoori oven is being used by a professional chef then he shall be able to pull a party of about 50 people.

Tandoori Cooking is not something which goes by the book and is more towards hands on experience and learning.

Enjoy tandoori cooking.

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