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- The new tandoor arrived on friday and is perfect, made some roti during the weekend and turned out really good. I have invited some friends for dinner this saturday, i hope you will have some new order for tandoor very soon. Sunil Calgary Alberta Canada September 2012


- We actually had to throw away are 6 month old tandoor since that looked crap in comparison to what was delivered from you guys. The GT-450 is the best model of tandoor i could have and i need to thank you for the selection. Friends that were here over the weekend were really interested in this model whereas they had been here with us on several cooking occassions but never were interested in our earlier tandoor since that looked like an old barrel with broken cement on top. This model that you supplied is all stainless steel plus i love the side table witth the holes for skewers. I would recommend you to market the holes as an advantage for cleaning skewers since it really works as you informed me. Never thought tandoor ovens could be made as an appliance.Arun Texas July 2012


- Thankyou hometandoor as i could arrange this lovely gift to my sister in FL. As promised you delivered what you promised and in time for a surprize to my sister who is a teacher at a culinary school. Waiting for her to start cooking in the tandoor for her teaching classes. The students will soon order more tandoors from you. Thanks.Aditi. NJ June 2012


- Even though we are very far away from New Jersey our tandoor was delivered in time by UPS all the way to San Diego. The instruction manual made it easy to install and use as we are first time users of a tandoori oven. We thankyou for your assistance in ordering and helping us choose the most optimum product for our use. We shall certainlly make recommendations and ensure that you get more orderes from our friends here. Mrs & Mr. Khalon. Sandiego CA May 2012


- I got a pot from and fitted it on my own as i wanted to build my own tandoor. I ordered it online and once i built it i share this experience with all tandoori lovers. click here to check backyard tandoor that i built at my home. Usman Suleman. April 2012 


- , i need to thank you for sending me the Gas Oven Tandoor in time. Saved my weekend and my in-laws were just too impressed. You made my day. I did fish and tikkas with naan breads, they had once tried indian food in a restaurant so were just amazed. Will order one more for my sister. Zubeda.H, Anitoch, CA. March 2012


 – I looked at all websites for a tandoori oven which i could call my own, though i liked the idea of having the ones with the stainless steel outer but they were not blending in to the colorful patio area i have made. I called a few but no one could provide a solution. Then i called people who gave me the idea of painting it as done by many catering companies that source their tandoori oven needs from them. I am an artist and have done quite different works so this was something i was not wanting to miss. Here it is….. I will do one more and then repost for others to use this means to satisfy and show a beautiful tandoor oven that cooks lovely chicken tikkas with naan bread. Donna, WI, Feb 2012

 - A Perfect Christmas gift for my husband. He was very pleased after seeing the product. It’s a world class quality product. The stainless steel is really good quality – absolute good mirror finish. The goods were packed in a heavy duty wooden packaging and delivered on a Tailgate lift truck. I don’t have to do anything and the delivery guys brought the goods on my driveway. It was a very heavy item, I think over 300 Pounds and no way I could lift it from the van. The arranged the delivery on a special truck with tailgat lift so that we didn’t have to do anything. I was bit late in ordering, but the tandoor reached well in time before Christmas. A wonderfull delivery service. Sharon W,  Michigan Jan 2012


- What a nice present for my father. He loves Indian food, especially the Chicken Tikka. He always wondered how this can be cooked at home. I searched and found this web site. The person over the phone was very helpful in selecting the right product for my needs. Now my father can cook Tandoori Food at home and he loves the food grilled in the Tandoor Oven. Thanks people. Sean Powles, Nov 2011


 – The Tandoori recipes are good to try – Afgani Chicken is good, a very good twist for Tandoori Chicken. Naan bread cooks really great in the Tandoor – YUMMMY!!!! Philip Challoner, Toronto, Sep 2011

  – The product is extremely good, can’t believe myslef that I can now cook Tandoori food in my back garden. My kids also love the cooked tandoori chicken. Raj S, Calfornia, July 2011

- The Tandoor Oven was delivered on time, very good service provided. I ordered tandoor through online and the payment went through smoothly and the delivery was made though world class courier service – UPS. No problem. We were always kept informed on our order progress – the UPS tracking number was issued and we could track our shipment progress. Kate Hare, Boston, July 2011


- What a fantastic Product, it cooks really good Tandoori food at home..No need to get a takeaway anymore.Richard Chitwood, Texas, May 2011