Tandoori Cooking Tips that shall help you.
  • While putting skewers be safe not to poke the skewer in your hand or body, these are sharp and can hurt.
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  • Put raw onion cut to a large piece or whole if it is a small piece or raw potato at the end of each skewer after you have loaded your meat or vegetables. This will help in stopping the food from sliding and will also assist in taking direct heat from charcoal thus preventing your food to be overcooked at the bottom.
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  • Keep distance between the skewered items – this will give equal heat to every piece of meat
  • Follow the FIFO policy (FIRST IN FIRST OUT) i.e. when doing skewers with the same food and placing them in the tandoor make sure you take out the first skewer that you placed in followed by the sequence.  So what went in first comes out first. When doing different foods say chicken tikka on a few skewers and cottage cheese on the other then maintain each individually as both have different cooking times.
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  • Tandoori Cooking is quick so never leave your tandoor unattended. Stay close.