What can I cook in a tandoor oven

Tandoori is a cooking method by which food is cooked in a clay oven over charcoal, gas or electric. It is named after the oven it was traditionally cooked in, which is called a Tandoor. Meat is marinated in yogurt and spices, while breads like naan and roti are often pressed against the side walls of the tandoor. The combination of the marinade, the charcoal, and the incredibly high heat gives tandoori food its characteristic flavor.  

All edible food products can be cooked in a tandoor, Meats like chicken, fish, beef, and lamb do very well in tandoori oven. You can dice pieces of chicken and marinade them to prepare Chicken Tikka, also diced marinated pieces of lamb, pork, prawns can be skewered and cooked in tandoor.

 A whole chicken or whole leg of lamb can be cooked in tandoori oven.

Tempting mince meat kebabs of lamb, beef, pork and chicken can be cooked in a tandoor clay oven and served with mint sauce, freshly cut onions and wedges of fresh lime.

Variety of vegetables like mushrooms, potatoes, onion, peppers, tomatoes, paneer (soft white Indian cheese), chunks of soya can be cooked in tandoor with mouth-watering flavours.

Breads like Tandoori Naan, Roti, Lachha Parantha, Pudina Parantha, Keema Naan, Onion Naan, Stuffed Parathas with minced vegetables can be cooked against clay side walls of the tandoor.

Tandoori cooking does not use much oil or ghee and therefore can be used when pursuing a low calorie diet.

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