As Easy as these simple steps…..

Step 1  Put Marinated or raw food (as per food choice) on Skewers for Tandoori Cooking

Step 2 Place the Skewers in the pre heated tandoor vertically

Step 3 Take out the tandoori skewer once its done in the short period of time

Step 4 Remove the cooked food from the skewers

Step 5 Ready to enjoy the juicy cooked tandoori food



Tandoori cooking is one of the most tempting ways to barbeque. Indian Tandoor Barbeque is an easy way to start your journey into Indian Tandoori Cooking. For those who have already ventured there, you will bring a new twist to your back yard barbeques.

The term ‘Tandoori’ is used when anything is cooked inside the tandoor, which is mainly used for assorted meats on skewers such as tandoori chicken and bread known as ‘Naan’.

Golden Tandoor is a cylindrical shaped specially formulated clay pot made by skilled crafts men in India and asthetically placed in a hygienic stainless steel insulated enclosure for optimum performance. Inside the clay oven hot fire is build by burning wood charcoal, thus exposing the food to both live fire, radiant heat cooking, and hot air, convection cooking. The real secret is that heat can only escape it through to top. The direct heat of the fire is reflected by ceramic sides intensifying the heat and creating a cooking environment that easily reaches 900 degrees F. Tandoor is usually kept burning to maintain high constant temperature for cooking meat, sea food or chicken pieces very quickly. Marinated pieces of meats and chicken are lowered into the tandoor oven on long metal skewers and cooked in extremely hot environment until done. The food becomes crispy on the outside while remaining juicy inside.

The marinade used in most tandoori dish starts with yogurt. While this might sound a little strange this is actually perfect for marinating meats because it has a natural acidity and it is thick so it holds to the meat well and keeps the herbs and spices in place. The flavor of yogurt is so mild you typically don’t even taste it in tandoor cooked food. If you chose not to use yogurt in your marinade that’s fine too, just make sure that you work the spices into the meat to get as much flavor as possible.    

Naan and Indian breads like tandoori roti and lachha parantha is also cooked in a tandoor oven by pressing the dough onto the inside walls.

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Happy Tandoori Cooking…..