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Model Large Clay Pot

The Clay Pot for Tandoori Food Loving people is a little different than the ovens available off the shelf from places in North India. This export worthy oven is specially made country specific keeping in mind the climatic conditions & cooking habits. Like a clay pot being exported to the United States will be different from the one being sent to United Arab Emirates.

These Clay Pots are available in three standard sizes of Small, Medium and Large. Custom sizes can also be developed according to the need of the customer ranging from 8 inches mouth to 22 inches mouth with belly diameter of 12 inches to 44 inches in different heights.

To ensure safe delivery of bare Clay Pots we use proprietary packing systems for break free delivery by sea or air anywhere in the world.

Weight : 85
  • Item : Clay Pot
  • Material : Natural Hand Crafted Clay
  • Size : LARGE
  • Dimensions : 
  • Clay Pot Mouth Opening : 13 Inch
  • Belly : 24 Inch
  • Height : 32 Inch
  • Nett Weight : 115 Lbs / 52 Kilo (Approximately)
  • Gross Weight with Packing : 180 Lbs / 83 Kilo

KINDLY NOTE: These Clay Pots cannot be used without a strategically designed enclosure for fitment. The enclosure can be made of metal or constructed using mortar and brick. Under no circumstances the Clay Pot should be used without proper insulation. Do not heat the Clay Pot or use for food without fixing it in a suitable insulated structure.

Due to continuous improvement the size and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Clay Pots are Hand Made so a variation in size & weight is possible.

  • Hand crafted
  • Made by high quality artisans formulated clay material
  • Thicker walls for higher heat retention
  • Perfect proportions of the top hole and belly to save fuel
  • Steel strip locked at the top collar for greater strength
  • Jute lining on the outer for retention of clay during transportation
  • Specially developed packaging for air and sea worthy deliveries to ensure safe delivery of the clay pot.
  • Almost twice the weight of a standard pot thus ensuring greater durability of the pot